Job Summary:

Tailor is responsible for daily tailoring duties while adhering to hotel policies and procedures. Responsible for maintenance and upkeep of sewing equipment and all areas under his/her jurisdiction. 

Duties & Responsibilities:
  • Performs timely repairs of all items including uniform, linen and upholstery.

  • Stitching of new uniforms, items of linen and upholstery as per hotel specifications.

  • Ensures that all linen and uniforms are in good repair before issuing.

  • Measurement, stitching or alteration of uniforms for new associates.

  • Carrying out of basic alterations requests of guests.

  • Informing Laundry Manager of operating equipment and supplies .

  • Repairing and maintaining uniforms of all associates.

  • Converting discarded linen into usable items for re-circulation.

  • Organizing and inventory of all fabric.

  • Assumes responsibilities of linen/uniform attendant whenever required.

  • Attends behavioural and vocational training sessions to enhance and skills and develop multi functional.

  • Keep a detailed record of the daily work.

  • Keep the tailoring area clean and tidy.

  • Shares his knowledge and skill with all departmental employees.

  • Performs any duties and tasks assigned by Supervisors.

  • Is well versed with company and hotel information.

  • Aware of room categories and amenities.

  • Aware of public area layout and configuration.

  • Aware of all brand standards especially pertaining to linen and uniform.

  • Reports at the scheduled time of briefing/debriefing/meetings.

  • Is well groomed at all times of the day.

  • Collects and signs-in/out for keys and mobile.

  • Responsible for tagging and issuing of linen and uniform and updating necessary records according to standard operating procedures.

  • Aware of occupancy patterns and banquet functions atleast 24 hours in advance to ensure availability of linen and uniform.

  • Ensures good liaison within and outside the department for smooth operations.

  • Responsible for handling keys/mobiles for assigned areas.

  • Sorts and transports soiled linen and uniforms to the laundry when required. 

  • Collects laundered linen and uniform and stacks them neatly for disbursement when required. 

  • Smoothly exchanges linen and uniform (with documents if used) within departmental areas or other departments when required. 

  • Examines all items for brand standard compliance daily.

  • Segregates items for repair and ensures addressal with 24 hours.

  • Ensures enough dusters are available at all times for use by housekeeping and kitchen.

  • Assists Supervisors in ordering and checking quality and quantities of all items being received in liaison with finance.

  • Ensures par is maintained.

  • Ensures enough availability (with minimum dead stock) of store items and replenishes as deemed necessary.

  • In the event of a complaint, ensures immediate corrective action or appraises superiors to ensure immediate action.

  • Ensuring safety, security and privacy of all areas.

  • Ensures effective utilization of resources at their disposal.

  • Actively participates in the cost control procedure and ensures full cooperation in the same.

  • Maintains clear and effective communication within and outside the all departments.

  • Carries out KRA’s effectively.

  • Suggests and assists in implementing procedures to enhance departmental productivity.

  • Is well versed and knowledgeable of brand, fire and evacuation procedures and health and safety requirements in the workplace. Is aware of their duty of care as determined by legislation and that they maintain complete familiarity.

  • s well versed and knowledgeable of brand, fire and evacuation procedures and health and safety requirements in the workplace. Ensures associates are aware of their duty of care as determined by legislation and that they maintain complete familiarity.

  • Ensures compliance with all relevant workplace health and safety standards and related hotel and brand policies and procedures.

  • Performs any other duties/responsibilities assigned by the management.

Job Knowledge, Skills & Abilities:
(Primary skills /knowledge & related requisites)
  • Candidate must be ideally qualified and trained with professional tailoring skills and made previous experiences in a similar position, preferably in hospitality industry.
  • Has an ability and inclination to align with the vision and culture of the organization.
  • Displays commitment and zeal towards the organization in words and action.
  • Has an ability to lead, inspire and develop self and colleagues.
  • Is innovative, technologically sound, intuitive and empathetic towards both guests and employees.
It is not the intention of this Job description to limit the scope or responsibilities of the above-mentioned, but to highlight the most important aspects of your position. It is essential that all associates are committed to their jobs and the success of the enterprise, and maintain a willingness to accept total flexibility of jobs and duties throughout the hotel.

Department: Laundry
Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Hawthorn Suites by Wyndham, Dwarka
Salery: INR 10,000 - 15,000