Job Summary:
IT Manager supervises and coordinates all aspects and manpower concerned with Hotel IT systems. He has the responsibility to manage, supervise, coordinate and assist in the IT operations of the Hotel.

Organizational Scope

Position is responsible for the Hotel Information Technology systems, maintaining and improving computer system and increasing productivity through office automation.

Duties & Responsibilities:

·      Plans systems requirements according to the company strategy.

·      Prepares IT budgets and capital expenditures.

·      Advises, chooses and oversees the installation, management and proper interfaces of all hotel systems taking in consideration the time and cost:

  • Ø  Local Area network.
  • Ø  Front Office & Reservations system.
  • Ø  Food & Beverage Systems.
  • Ø  Housekeeping & Engineering Order Systems.
  • Ø  Human Resource System.
  • Ø  Authorizes access levels and maintains security codes.
  • Ø  Troubleshoots system failures and ensures prompt support from suppliers.
  • Ø  Maintains and updates existing systems.
  • Ø  Ensures the legality and sufficiency of software licenses.
  • Ø  Continuously suggests new technologies and improves processes to benefit the operations of the hotel.
  • Ø  Plans proper trainings related to different systems effectively and efficiently

Job Knowledge, Skills & Abilities:


Degree/diploma in Information Technology


Experience required by position is five to ten years of employment in a related position with this company or other organization(s).

Skills and Abilities

·  Proficiency in the use of computer for:

  • Ø  Supervision and direction of Information Systems Installations
  • Ø  Networks
  • Ø  Hardware
  • Ø  PBX

·   Ability to both provide and receive constructive feedback.

·   Leadership skills.

·   Ability to coordinate and plan of budgets of the property, people and time management.

·   Pro-active and self-starter.

No. of employees supervised

According to Establishment

Travel required

According to Establishment

Hours requires

Hired for Job Completion

Department: Information Technology
Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Nile Hospitality
Salery: INR 40,000 - 45,000