Job Summary:
Income auditor responsibilities focus on classifying, computing and documenting numerical data to keep the record updated. They carry out various combinations of tasks to check the accuracy of the postings, calculations and figures concerned with the business transactions filed by other employees.

Duties & Responsibilities:

  •   Preparing and distributing Daily Revenue Report.
  •   Conduct a periodic spot audit to test that no unauthorized Travel Agents have been set up or paid.
  •   Ensure TA Commissions are properly checked with agreements/contracts prior to payment.
  •   Prepare as package of all allowances/rebates on daily basis.This will be routed to the GM and Head of Finance for their signed approval.
  •   The routed packages,once received back in accounting must be filed with daily records for that day.
  •    Maintain a copy of Banquet Event Order (BEO),received from catering department,in chronological order for use in the daily Income Audit.
  •    Verify that a banquet check has been raised for each BEO and that all charges on banquet checks are in accordance with the information on the BEO.
  •    Ensure that a copy of Daily Event List is being received from catering department prior to the start of each day.Daily Event list will list all events scheduled       for the day,
  •   Check the BEOs against this list to verify that all activities are accounted for and discrepancies,if any,are resolved.
  •   Ensure that all Banquet checks are accounted for on daily basis,also follow up and resolve issues related to void checks,missing checks and missing                 revenues.
  •   Verify that customer guarantees of the minimum covers to be served are being enforced.
  •   Verify on a daily spot check basis that the beverage charge on banquet check is consistent with the consumption calculated for the function.
  •   Verify complimentary room's list for proper authorization.
  •   Verify cash settlements posted in the PMS/POS system(s) balance to actual cash deposits.
  •  Verify Credit card settlements posted in the PMS/POS systems are in balance.
  •  Ensure that all discrepancies between Housekeeping status and room status are noted and resolved.
  •  Verify Room upgrade report on daily basis for approval from General Manager,DOSM and Head of Finance.
  •  Review Daily High balance report.
  •  Properly file night audit reports.
  •  Prepare all housekeeping report regularly and evaluate them to resolve any variances in same; monitor record of packages such as phone calls and allowances provided to the employees
  • Prepare all revenue journal and and maintain the transaction receipts. Maintain all transaction reports by ensuring their accuracy, report all financial requirements for various projects and make sure that all the financial transaction activities are carried out as per the state and federal regulations.
  •  Administer all sales, monitor audit trail for various activities and keep all the income data updated
  •  Examine all bank accounts in assistance with the assistant director of finance.
  •  Prepare and maintain the billing control sheet; keep the billing files updated
  •  Carry out general office work such as handling routine correspondence, answering telephones and filing documents
  •   Calculate, draft and issue account statements, invoice, bills and other financial records as per the established procedure. Check out figures, documents, and postings for ensuring appropriate codes, mathematical accuracy and correct entry
  •  Coordinate with various departments, prepare daily reports, ensure conformity to all system and control procedures
  •  Comply with the company, state and federal policies, regulations and procedures
  •  Record, analyze and store information by using accounting software
  •  Compile data of deposits and withdrawal from cashiers, verify and balance receipts, send checks and cash or other types of payment to banks. They receive and record bank checks, vouchers and cash.
  • The trial balance should tally with that of Opera.
  • The Night Auditor figures should tally with the Daily Revenue Report & PMS Trial Balance.
  • POS reports should tally with the Daily Revenue Report & PMS Trial Balance.
  • Make Physical spot checks in all outlets.
  • Check PMS and POS reports for accuracy and unusual transactions.Verify & audit all adjustments and corrections.
  • Carry Out any accounting work assigned by Head of Finance.

Job Knowledge, Skills & Abilities:
·       Submit daily rebates, paid outs & any other PM Master folios, reports to Director of Finance for review and approval.
·       Maintain proper filing and record retention and is familiar with Income Audit policies and procedures.
·       Be familiar completely with hotel systems P.M.S., P.O.S.,Accounting Software.
·       Check Micros & Opera reports for accuracy and unusual transactions. Verify & audit all adjustments and corrections.
·       Carry out any other accounting work assigned by Director of Finance.
·        Be familiar with hotel Income audit Finance policies.

Department: Finance
Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Nile Hospitality
Salery: INR 20,000 - 25,000