Job Summary:
Scope of work included Food Costing and Beverage costing,knowledge of purchase,stores and receiving areas.Ability to control all outlets for food & beverage consumption.
Duties & Responsibilities:
Ensure that all products must be purchased from approved vendors.
Periodically calculating Food & Beverage costing.
Recipe costing systems and menu engineering must be in place and data updated at least quarterly.
Put in place system to track high unit cost items against units sold on a spot check basis.Spot check records must be maintained in file for internal review.
Written Par levels must be established for all alcoholic beverage inventories.
Ensure Service (pour) quantity and drink recipe standards must be in place to maintain unit control.
Ensure that hotel must comply at all times with all State and Central service regulations and all aspects of Liquor License authority must be strictly adhered to.
Ensure that bottles transferred between outlets must be tracked and recorded.
Conduct Physical inventory counts with respective department management staff and document physical inventory report.
All Food & Beverage inventories are to be counted monthly.
Ensure that beverage for use in banquets is being separately requisitioned for each function.
Ensure that complimentary supply of beverage (sponsored alcohol etc.) must be accounted for.
All monthly variances to banquet beverage potentials must be fully investigated and reported.
Ensure that for promotional events,Food & Beverage will be charged to relevant department at cost (F&B Cost of sales)
Ensure that costs relating to staff cafeteria facilities are correctly recorded and food and supplies requisitions and transfer are correctly posted.

Job Knowledge, Skills & Abilities:
Excellent Analytical ability.
Good Verbal and Written Communication skills
Excellent command over POS,MMS software.
Good Knowledge of Technical specifications of products.
Liaison with Government authorities

Department: Finance
Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Nile Hospitality
Salary: INR 24,000 - 26,000

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