Job Summary:
Financial Manager/Head of Finance should be well versed with Budgeting, Forecasting, monthly MIS, Internal checks and Internal Controls and be able to lead the team.
Duties & Responsibilities:
1.Prepare Annual Business Plan based on Calendar/Fiscal year Cycle.
2.Ensure Compliance with all national,state and local Tax laws.
3.Ensure Assets and Liabilities account reconciliations must be completed by 20th of Following month.
4.All Credits issued to clients on their Credit Cards,must be reconciled and approved daily.
5.Verify on monthly basis that the City ledger control log is in balance with the General Ledger account at month-end.
6.Review the status of any billings accounts remaining in the Guest Ledger.
7.Review and sign as approval of all banks reconciliation,ensuring all reconciling items are being followed up and cleared.
8.Approve and sign approval of all petty cash reimbursements.
9.Ensure foreign exchange rates are received by General Cashier from Bank on daily basis and are posted in front office system on daily basis.
10 Approve all House Bank Contracts.
11,Prepare cash forecasts to plan the funding of Hotel operations.
12.All cheques are controlled in storage and that a cheque issue register is maintained in numerical sequence.This register must be checked periodically to ensure systems and controls are in place.
13.Verify the accuracy of Management Fee/Brand Fee/Royalty Fee.
14.Ensure that TA Commissions are expensed in the period in which they are incurred.
15.Maintain a month-end checklist so as to ensure ll accruals are in place.Refer SOP-Month-end Accrual process.
16 Maintain Original of all contracts and file all documents in secure area.Each document folder should contain the documents,all amendments and correspondence clarifying the agreement.
17 Implement a system to track expiring contracts so as to leave sufficient time to re-negotiate and re-process.
18.Liasion with Statutory Auditors,Internal Auditors and understand audit findings and will report in writing to the audit report detailing action taken or to be taken to address and resolve the deficiencies in consultation with General Manager.
19.Review the Income Auditor packet before distribution to ensure that the proper documents are contained therein and the filing of the same.
20.Ensure all provision are booked before submitting the P and L.
21.Ensure P and L  is closed by 4th of every month and circulated to all concerns.
22. Ensure queries from Auditors are closed before the next meeting

Job Knowledge, Skills & Abilities:
Liaison with Internal and Statutory Auditors
Lead the Team
Analytical ability.
Taking cost saving and revenue maximization initiatives

Department: Finance
Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: HotelOps
Salary: INR 40,000 - 60,000

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