Job Summary:

Duties & Responsibilities:

1.       The attendant wishes the guest as per time of the day i.e. Good Morning sir/madam etc. on arrival

2.       Issuing Badminton and Squash rackets to members / Guest 

3.       Collection of entrée fee, if any

4.       Show Round for all first time visitors

5.       Ensure member / hotel guest are briefed about kids zone activities charges prior to availing activity

6.       Proper billing of activities   

7.       Birthday / Anniversary wishes and calling to be done 

8.       Ensure Desk and surrounding areas are cleaned or presentable

9.       Ensure member guest or Hotel guest entree register maintained  

10.   Regular Check of Log book

11.   Awareness created amongst members / Guest on day or weekend Activities

12.   Guest Request / Complaint / Suggestions to written down on log book post the interaction

13.   Always Smile on face while interacting with Member / Guest

Verify member, member guest, hotel guest 
Job Knowledge, Skills & Abilities:

Department: Club
Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Nile Hospitality
Salery: INR 35,000 - 40,000