Job Summary:
To work in the kitchen, contributing to the overall success of outlets and food & beverages, in accordance with the hotel’s standards and financial goals.
Duties & Responsibilities:

Main Duties


§  Assists to ensure that culinary activities related to bakery & pastry are aligned with the Nile hospitality corporate Strategy, and that the Hotel actions have been implemented where appropriate.

§  Assists in the preparation and updates of pastry & bakery departmental Operational Manual.

Customer Service

§  Always provides a courteous and professional service.

§  Handle guest enquiries in a courteous and efficient manner & prepared bakery and pastry product as their request.

§  Always maintains positive interaction with guest

§  Ensures that employees also provide excellent service to internal customers in other departments as appropriate. Colleague interactions with good working relationships.


§  Organizes and sets up the assigned Bakery & pastry section of the Kitchen as efficiently as possible to increase speed and maximize bakery production.

§   Ensures that all morning bakeries, pastries, cakes, & breads are prepared consistently and according to Nile standard recipes.

§  Assists with complete support to Chef in ensuring that all culinary standards in that section comply with company and Hotel Policies and Procedures.

§  Monitors Bakery and Pastry products standards in all outlets (All Day Dining, Market Place,) and banquets.

§  Checks bakery incoming ingredients ensuring that all merchandise is in accordance with order sheets and receiving records. Never compromised in quality of ingredients.

§  Trains the bakery & pastry associates in the skill necessary for them to perform their functions.

§  Works in any sections of kitchen when necessary or as requested by the chef

§  Prepares daily mise-en-place and ensures that all dishes are supplied with fresh and high-quality products based on anticipated business levels.

§  Always verifies that only fresh products are used and served in Bakery and Pastry.

§  Always tastes bakery and pastry products in all outlets and be demanding and critical when it comes to Food and Beverage quality.

§  Always speak to chef for new events, menus changes, portion size, presentation, platting and any other bakery & pastry related upcoming.

§  Ensure the Hygiene standard and FIFO strictly followed in kitchen.

§  Be familiar with all section of the kitchen to facilitate the flexible use of associate

§  Ensure the operating of kitchen equipment is maintained to a good standard with optimum utilization.

§  Assists in making sure that all Touches of Nile and the Food and Beverage Top 20 are implemented.

§  Quick responds to the guest comments and ensures that the relevant changes are implemented immediately.


§  Be punctual and well appearance in Kitchen, make sure associate wear the correct uniform and maintain a high standard of personal appearance and hygiene, according to the hotel and department’s grooming standards.

§  Take training of the employees and ensuring that they have the necessary skills to perform their duties with the maximum efficiency.

§  Through hands-on, closely work in the Kitchen and performance of his/her duties and ensures this is in accordance with policies & procedures and applicable laws.

§  Develops the skills and effectiveness of all Kitchen employees through the appropriate training, coaching, and/or mentoring.

§  Ensures that employees have a complete understanding of and adhere to employee rules and regulations.

§  Ensures that employees follow all hotel, company and local rules, policies and regulations relating to fire and hazard safety, and security.

§  Personal hygiene must be maintaining all the time on duties.

§  Employees to be creative and innovative, challenging and recognizing them for their contribution to the success of the operation.

Job Knowledge, Skills & Abilities:

 § Understands and strictly adheres to Rules and Regulations of the Hotel.

§  Employee have to adhered the Hotel’s policies concerning fire, hygiene and Covid-19 health and work safety.

§  Ensures high standards of personal presentation and grooming.

§  Employees must respond to changes in the Food and Beverage function as dictated by the industry, company, and hotel.

§  Attends training sessions and meetings as and when required.

§  Carries out any other reasonable duties and responsibilities as assigned.

§  Employee should have sound knowledge of skill to perform his job well.


Department: F&B Production
Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Nile Hospitality
Salery: INR 5,000 - 10,000